Occasionally the chat about IT is priceless

For a long time we have think of the name for the service ... The problem is that the term "consultant" is slightly downgraded in IT. The only thing the client presents is "perfumed dude" in a suit that is throwing terms like "Man day, optimization, outsourcing" like hotcakes and from his pocket sticks "pretty expensive invoice"

  • Chat about IT? Why not!
    • Our service certainly will not be free , but after meeting with our staff you will definitely know what our opinion on the direction of your IT is. Whether it is appropriate to consider deployment of a specific product, technology, etc. Above all, without trying to sell you our products.
  • Consultations, studies ...
    • Breaking specific IT specialty?
    • You have your own IT department and would like to know an independent opinion to any IT issue?
    • Your IT department does not need a specialist? If the answer is YES, then this service is for you!
    • Our studies will not have 300 pages, so the price could be unscrewed = do not expect novels from us. We try to be as simple as possible, constructive without compromising the quality.
  • So that's another challenge. No Head of IT department likes to see some clever like from the outside, which pulls from his sleeve countless solutions, how to do it better, cheaper, faster. This we also do not want to offer. We will arrange a technician who knows in detail the issues that you face and help you without any comments like "this had to install some beginner ..."

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