- contact information is a member of ICT-GROUP. We manage our clients information technology. We propose a solution that saves you money and time. We try not to do voodoo from IT, but a normal part of our lives. We are honest and we expect the same from our clients.

Billing Address:
ICT-GROUP s.r.o.
Dandova 2593/6
193 00, Horní Počernice
Office - mailing address:
ICT-GROUP s.r.o.
Révová 213/14
100 00, Praha 10 - Strašnice
Telefon: +420 281 861 229
HelpDesk On-Line Support (9:00 - 18:00)
Telephone: +420 281 861 229
Mobile: +420 777 800 185
Skype: Skype - Call us for free!

Client for Remote Assistance

Before contacting support, please download the file "help_en.exe" (eg to the desktop of your PC). Run this program and tell your support generated ID and password.

Based on this information to you, the technician can connect remotely using an encrypted connection. A connection can be interrupted at any time the program ends.

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